What is a comb trailer?

A comb trailer is a trailer designed to transport your header combs to and from storage and from paddock to paddock. In Australia, comb trailers can be manufactured to cover almost every size of header and windrower front available.

What is the job of a grain conveyor?

A grain conveyor is also known as a grain elevator. The name becomes obvious once you know that the task of a grain conveyor is to transport grain from ground level to the top of a storage silo or grain bin. Leith Engineering have an extensive range of grain conveyors Australia-wide.

Can you tell me if a windrower trailer is the same as a swather?

In North America, a windrower trailer is known as a “swather”. In Australia, a windrower trailer is a piece of farm machinery that cuts hay or small grain crops and arranges the mown crop in “windrows”.

Does Leith Engineering sell rotary mowers?

Yes we do. Let Leith Engineering help you make easy work of all your mowing needs, for farming, heavy duty or commercial needs, with our range of rotary mowers and slashers Australia-wide.

Do you manufacture gypsum spreaders?

Leith Engineering proudly manufactures tough, durable and reliable gypsum spreaders that are designed and built to withstand a variety of conditions right across Australia.

Are your fertiliser conveyors available across Australia?

Yes, they are. Our range of fertiliser conveyors is available in all states and territories of Australia and each one ensures high productivity combined with exceptional cost efficiency.