For more than half a century, Leith Engineering has established itself as a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment for farmers and contractors across Australia. Our farm machinery and equipment is designed and built not just to withstand the tough conditions that exist in this country, but to excel in them. The range of farm machinery designed and manufactured to Australian standards in our factory includes comb trailersgrain conveyorsrotary mowers and slashersgypsum spreadersfertiliser conveyorspaddock rollerstandem trailersute trays, and windrower trailers. The team at Leith Engineering also designs, manufactures and stocks a range of optional extras that can be added to your comb or windrower trailer. The comb and windrower trailer extras include rear springs and brakes, mudguards, LandCruiser wheels, and new spare tyres.

Our commitment to you doesn’t just end when you purchase a new piece of our farming equipment, such as a comb trailer. Leith Engineering offers a comprehensive farm machinery repair and maintenance service. Regular maintenance is generally more cost-efficient than waiting until a major breakdown. The nature of farming, particularly cropping and harvesting, means it is vital to have your farm equipment ready to go when conditions are right. Any downtime is inevitably money down the drain in lost productivity. The team at Leith Engineering can set up a regular maintenance and repair schedule to ensure your farm and agricultural equipment is in top working order. Leith Engineering also provide a general engineering service for farmers and contractors throughout Australia. Whatever your needs are, our capable and experienced team will be able to meet them. We are proud to have built up a reputation as manufacturers of quality farm equipment and providers of exceptional customer service. For all your farm machinery needs, contact us at Leith Engineering today.