New truck to deliver comb trailers

October 20, 2015 We have added a delivery truck to our business to deliver comb trailers to our valued customers. Please get in touch with Leith Engineering to discuss our range of comb trailers and other farm machinery equipment.

Conveyor delivered to Wimmera farming family

October 20, 2015   Leith Conveyor 90/500 delivered to local farm in Wimmera. The conveyor is 90′ long with 500mm wide belt on trough rollers. Conveyor will fill silo’s up 40′ in height and then is able to out load into trucks. It is operated by a Cat 2.2 ECU Diesel Engine with full Hydraulic controls to operate machine....
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The safe use of slashers in agriculture

September 8, 2015 Agricultural slashers are designed and used for slashing grass and other regrowth, as well as slashing crop residue once the main crop has been harvested from a field. As with a great deal of machinery used for agricultural purposes, slashers pose distinct and very real risks for both the user and any bystanders during their operation....
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What to look out for when buying a comb trailer

May 21, 2015 The purchase of a new comb trailer involves substantial expenditure and as such it is important to have a full understanding of the features you should be looking out for. Can the comb trailer be used with a range of different header fronts? Even if you currently only have one header front, it is wise...
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